K. Bidgood

The Hampshire house

There is nothing like the relationship between an air-conditioning and heating company and the owner or tenant of a residence. It has to be smooth, smooth as jazz. If one’s house or apartment is too hot or too cold, it’s very difficult to be comfortable and life can feel miserable indeed. Ronnie Gralitzer and ABCO understand this. I have been making arrangements for a good many years for the bi-annual servicing of the air.

ABCO Mechanical Corp. services the airconditioning/heating need for new york apartments owned by the people I work for. Even though I am making arrangements from California, some 3000 miles away, the work goes smoothly, just like clockwork. There are many times in-between the bi-annual servicing when the units need adjustments or attention, fine tuning, or replacement, or some other need. Ronnie Gralitzer and his team are there within one or two days to make sure everything is done to satisfaction. Ronnie Gralitzer and his employees are courteous, patient, quick, knowledgeable, and so responsive. It’s amazing they can be all over new york when there’s a heat wave or a cold spell, but they are – one job after another after another – resulting in satisfied customers throughout the city and environs. I know that through positive word of mouth, other people have contacted ABCO, too. It is a real pleasure doing business with ABCO and Ronnie Gralitzer and his fine staff.